Friday, October 30, 2015

#50 Anitra Ford

Exotic, sultry beauty Anitra Ford will probably forever be known as one of Bob Barker’s girls on The Price Is Right. That said, she did appear in several B movies (including the classic babes-behind-bars The Big Bird Cage), as well as her share of TV shows. She’s a bit unusual in that she has her own blogs, Facebook page, and Twitter account. You can check ‘em out below. Oh, by the way, Anitra still looks great today. 

Embarrassing Real Name:  Anitra Weinstein

Embarrassing Movies

  • The Love Machine
  • Messiah of Evil (actually not a bad flick) *
  • Invasion of the Bee Girls *
  • Murder on Voodoo Island
  • Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island
* - author has seen

Embarrassing Taglines

  • She's a very private detective!  Take a ride on the wild side with Stacey.  She's fast!
  • Meet Albert.  Albert likes good music, motor trips by moonlight, and ... eating human flesh.
  • Women so hot with desire they melt the chains that enslave them!

I don't think that's a blow dryer in her hand

Embarrassing Characters

  • Woman at Theatre
  • Silky
  • Ahnjayla
  • Kyote Passenger

Whiffs of Scandal:  A little nudity

Interesting Tidbits:  Quite a talented photographer, poet, and artist (check out her blogs)

Where can I learn more?

It's a new car... !!!

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