Friday, March 25, 2016

#32 Karin Dor

Karin Dor was a German actress who specialized in Westerns. Yes, you heard that right. Now, let me explain …

Germany’s most popular author of all time is one Karl May (pronounced “my”). And his most popular genre just so happens to be westerns. No, he never actually lived in the American West. Yes, he pretty much made everything up on the fly. And, indeed, his stuff tends to be rather fantastic.

That said, there is no shortage of German movies based on May’s tales – with several of them featuring our Karin. She also did a number of Edgar Wallace stories (he’s often considered the father of the modern thriller), was in a Dr. Mabuse flick, and was a Bond girl as well.

Odd Real Name:  Katherose Derr

Embarrassing Movies
  • The Face of Fu Manchu
  • The Valley of Death
  • The Carpet of Horror
  • The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism  *
* - author has seen

Embarrassing Taglines
  • They spread a reign of terror from the badlands of Oklahoma to the hell-hills of the Dakotas!
  • Obey Fu Manchu or Every Living Thing Will Die!
  • June is busting out all over! In COLOR plus the new depth perception... it puts a girl in your lap!
  • A mature person's trip through the ultimate in horrific wickedness
  • Indian Gold! Blood-Red Fury! Lake of Terror! Battle of Vengeance!

Embarrassing Characters
  • Manina
  • Pepita
  • Brunhilde
  • Helga Heidebrink

Number of Marriages:  3

Shortest Marriage:  2 years

Whiffs of Scandal
  • Married to a 45-year old when she was 16
  • Substance abuse

Where can I learn more?

Honestly, I have no idea

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Friday, March 18, 2016

#33 Veronica Carlson *

* - author has her autograph

Veronica Carlson was the classic “English rose” – a fresh, blonde, buxom, pale-skinned beauty. As such, she fit the formula for a Hammer victim to a T. 

Unfortunately, though, Veronica’s career was rather short, lasting only eight years, and with only three Hammer flicks among her 20 credits. She retired at age 30 and eventually moved to the U.S. (she currently lives in South Carolina). She keeps herself busy these days with painting and is also popular on the convention circuit. And she still looks unbelievable today.

Real Name:  Veronica Glazer

Embarrassing Movies
  • The Horror of Frankenstein
  • Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
  • Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
  • Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You

Embarrassing Taglines
  • Step Right Up! The Freakmaster will scare the very life out of you!
  • Inflamed with his Vampire thirst for blood and evil and beautiful girls.

Embarrassing Characters
  • Ulla
  • Ritva
  • Tall Blonde
  • Revolutionary

Interesting Tidbits
  • Got her first modeling job because she knew judo
  • Was discovered in a newspaper ad by the head of Hammer
  • Was a genuine Hammer fan before starring in their movies
  • Was the only female lead to play opposite Christopher Lee's Dracula and Peter Cushing’s Dr. Frankenstein
  • Refused to appear nude, which may have had something to do with her early retirement
  • Has been married to the same guy for over 40 years

Where can I learn more?

Veronica and friend

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Friday, March 11, 2016

#34 Margaret Lee

Though British-born, Margaret Lee moved to Italy before her first picture. There, she did sword and sandal epics, eurospy flicks, giallos, and a surprising amount of Italian TV. She would eventually move to the US, but she always seemed much more a continental presence than an Anglo-Saxon one.

Embarrassing Real Name:  Margaret Box

Embarrassing Real Birthplace:  Wolverhampton 

Embarrassing Movies
  • Agent 077: From the Orient with Fury
  • Asylum Erotica
  • Colossus of the Stone Age
  • Night of the Blood Dragon
  • Secret Agent Superdragon *
  • The Twelve-Handed Men of Mars
  • Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules
  • The Tiger Sprays Himself with Dynamite
  • Excuse Me, Padre, Are You Horny?
* - author has seen

Embarrassing Taglines
  • A Masterpiece of Supernatural Sex
  • Mad menace in Rio! Wow women & Pow action! 
  • Sizzling kisses and swinging adventure! The ultimate weapon! The ultimate plot! Watch out for everything!

Embarrassing Characters
  • Lady Lister
  • Fanny Fonseca
  • Baby Eva
  • Sayonara

Whiffs of Scandal:  Nude scenes

Interesting Tidbits
  • Also the name of a contemporary US artist, 60s tennis star, Singaporean actress, and Hong Kong actress
  • Co-starred with Klaus Kinski in 12 films
  • Was Marilyn Monroe’s double in Something’s Got to Give
  • Has two sons in the film industry

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Friday, March 4, 2016

#35 Shirley Eaton

Shirley Eaton will always be remembered for getting painted in gold and then expiring on James Bond’s bed. If you’re a real Bond fan like me, you may have a hard time understanding that she was actually in a number of other movies (primarily comedies, by the way) and had an acting career that spanned almost 20 years.

Shirley’s Wikipedia article notes that “she was considered a sex symbol in the 1960s.” In other late-breaking news, Wikipedia also announced that the pope is, indeed, a Catholic and that bears have actually been spotted going number two in certain sylvan settings.

Embarrassing Movies
  • Dentist on the Job (yup, the thing that begins Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
  • The Million Eyes of Sumaru
  • The Blood of Fu Manchu
  • The Naked Brigade

Embarrassing Taglines
  • Trapped in the quicksand of love...Caught up in a nightmare of murder and intrigue!
  • Terrific... Shocking... Scandalous...
  • LUSCIOUS LIPS - Lethal in their biting sting of death!

Embarrassing Characters
  • Deirdre Proudfoot
  • Millicent Groaker
  • Sophie Clutterbuck
  • Angel Dream
  • Black Widow

Interesting Tidbits
  • First appearance on stage at 12, TV at 14, and the big screen at 17
  • Trained in ballet and voice
  • Appeared in Goldfinger for only five minutes, with her death coming at minute 16
  • Has actually worked with two Bonds, Connery and Moore (on The Saint, for the latter)
  • Gave it all up to be a mom at age 32
  • Also paints and sculpts and has published a book of poetry
  • Got painted in gold again, at age 78, to mark the 50th anniversary of Goldfinger
  • You cannot suffocate from being covered in paint (Snopes)

Where can I learn more?

"He [makeup artist Paul Rabiger] was as impersonal
about gilding me as if he was painting a barn."

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