Friday, March 4, 2016

#35 Shirley Eaton

Shirley Eaton will always be remembered for getting painted in gold and then expiring on James Bond’s bed. If you’re a real Bond fan like me, you may have a hard time understanding that she was actually in a number of other movies (primarily comedies, by the way) and had an acting career that spanned almost 20 years.

Shirley’s Wikipedia article notes that “she was considered a sex symbol in the 1960s.” In other late-breaking news, Wikipedia also announced that the pope is, indeed, a Catholic and that bears have actually been spotted going number two in certain sylvan settings.

Embarrassing Movies
  • Dentist on the Job (yup, the thing that begins Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
  • The Million Eyes of Sumaru
  • The Blood of Fu Manchu
  • The Naked Brigade

Embarrassing Taglines
  • Trapped in the quicksand of love...Caught up in a nightmare of murder and intrigue!
  • Terrific... Shocking... Scandalous...
  • LUSCIOUS LIPS - Lethal in their biting sting of death!

Embarrassing Characters
  • Deirdre Proudfoot
  • Millicent Groaker
  • Sophie Clutterbuck
  • Angel Dream
  • Black Widow

Interesting Tidbits
  • First appearance on stage at 12, TV at 14, and the big screen at 17
  • Trained in ballet and voice
  • Appeared in Goldfinger for only five minutes, with her death coming at minute 16
  • Has actually worked with two Bonds, Connery and Moore (on The Saint, for the latter)
  • Gave it all up to be a mom at age 32
  • Also paints and sculpts and has published a book of poetry
  • Got painted in gold again, at age 78, to mark the 50th anniversary of Goldfinger
  • You cannot suffocate from being covered in paint (Snopes)

Where can I learn more?

"He [makeup artist Paul Rabiger] was as impersonal
about gilding me as if he was painting a barn."

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