Friday, March 25, 2016

#32 Karin Dor

Karin Dor was a German actress who specialized in Westerns. Yes, you heard that right. Now, let me explain …

Germany’s most popular author of all time is one Karl May (pronounced “my”). And his most popular genre just so happens to be westerns. No, he never actually lived in the American West. Yes, he pretty much made everything up on the fly. And, indeed, his stuff tends to be rather fantastic.

That said, there is no shortage of German movies based on May’s tales – with several of them featuring our Karin. She also did a number of Edgar Wallace stories (he’s often considered the father of the modern thriller), was in a Dr. Mabuse flick, and was a Bond girl as well.

Odd Real Name:  Katherose Derr

Embarrassing Movies
  • The Face of Fu Manchu
  • The Valley of Death
  • The Carpet of Horror
  • The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism  *
* - author has seen

Embarrassing Taglines
  • They spread a reign of terror from the badlands of Oklahoma to the hell-hills of the Dakotas!
  • Obey Fu Manchu or Every Living Thing Will Die!
  • June is busting out all over! In COLOR plus the new depth perception... it puts a girl in your lap!
  • A mature person's trip through the ultimate in horrific wickedness
  • Indian Gold! Blood-Red Fury! Lake of Terror! Battle of Vengeance!

Embarrassing Characters
  • Manina
  • Pepita
  • Brunhilde
  • Helga Heidebrink

Number of Marriages:  3

Shortest Marriage:  2 years

Whiffs of Scandal
  • Married to a 45-year old when she was 16
  • Substance abuse

Where can I learn more?

Honestly, I have no idea

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