Friday, July 1, 2016

#18 Julie Adams

Probably a pretty familiar face, Julie Adams has been at it since 1949 (with her last appearance coming in 2011). She’s got almost 150 credits to her name, including sci-fi, lots of Westerns, TV, and soaps. She was an Elvis girl, a romantic interest of Sheriff Andy Taylor, and – probably most memorably – the damsel in distress in The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Almost 90, she is still very active on the appearance circuit. She sounds like a really lovely lady.

Embarrassing Real Name:  Betty May Adams

Embarrassing Real Birthplace:  Waterloo, IA

Cheesy Pageant Titles
  • Miss Melon Patch
  • Miss Little Rock

Embarrassing Movies
  • Francis Joins the WACS (Francis is a mule)
  • Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
  • The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.
  • Psychic Killer
  • The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Embarrassing Taglines
  • Five desperate men ... and a girl who didn't care ... trapped on a mountain of gale-lashed rock!
  • Screeching lead!  Outlaw fury!
  • First it drives you mad, then it kills and kills and kills!

And a Happy New Year to you!

Shortest Marriage:  2 years

Unlikely Spouses & Boyfriends
  • Ted Williams
  • Rock Hudson

Interesting Tidbits
  • Grew up in Arkansas
  • Had her legs insured for $125,000 by Lloyds of London
  • Played the only Perry Mason client to be convicted
  • Won the Golden Boot Award (for her work in Westerns [not soccer])
  • Won a Rondo Award (for her work in horror movies)
  • Is in the Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame
  • It’s such a common name, Google gives me a nurse, an educator, a real estate agent, a couple of lawyers, a marketing manager, a pair of doctors, an opera singer, a hair stylist, a state senator, and two professors … as well as our lovely actress

Where can I learn more?

Julie and friend

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