Friday, August 12, 2016

#12 Magda Konopka

I’m afraid Magda’s a bit on the obscure side. I just couldn’t find that much about her. That said, she sure is a babe. And she was certainly in her fair share of B’s as well. Anyway, here’s to you, Magda!

Embarrassing Real Name
  • With a name like that? You’ve got to be kidding!
  • Though also known as Malgorzata Jolanta Desy de Boucherville

Cheesy Pageant Titles:  Lady Universe

Embarrassing Movies
  • Code Name Is Kill
  • Loves of a Nymphomaniac
  • Our Lady of Lust
  • Sex, Demons and Death
  • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth *
  • Amazons Against Superman (AKA Super Stooges Vs. the Wonder Women) *
*  - author has seen

Embarrassing Taglines
  • Risky Business in the World's Hottest Red-Light District!
  • Super-human feats of strength! Super-thrilling deeds of daring! Super-fantastic conquests of adventure!
  • Their target: HELL-ON-EARTH! Their job: HIT IT HEAD-ON!

Embarrassing Characters
  • Conchita Paronda
  • Beghira, Amazon Queen
  • Sweet Mama

Shortest Marriage:  3 months

Unlikely Spouses & Boyfriends:  Sean Connery

Whiffs of Scandal
  • Appearances in Penthouse and Playmen (an Italian Playboy)
  • Divorce proceedings cited severe beatings from her millionaire husband. He claims she cheated on and stole things from him.

Interesting Tidbits
  • Descended from Polish nobility
  • Started out as a model
  • Her Wikipedia entry includes the following interesting observations:
    • She claimed she wanted to keep a bear in her house, but this was not allowed under Italian laws.
    • In Rome, Konopka settled in the Parioli district, eating only smoked salmon that her mother sent her from London.
  • Likewise Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen:
    • A few days with Marchesa Camillo Casati Stampa and his wife on the Sardinian island of Zannone have legal repercussions.
    • Confesses to have gained 10 kilos since her modeling days and to have attended some wrong parties.

Where can I learn more?

Arguably, my favorite cheese 
cake photo of all time

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