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#86 Yvette Mimieux

Hard to believe, but Yvette Mimieux is not really French! Yes, it is true that her father was a French native. Her mother, however, was Mexican. And Yvette herself was born in L.A.

That said, she always did remind me of a poor man’s Catherine Deneuve. She has the same elegant, demure, vulnerable, rather girl-like, and – I’ll admit – very French persona. Unlike Mlle. Deneuve, though, Mlle. Mimieux was in more than her share of classic B’s.

One of my personal favorites of those is The Time Machine, where Yvette portrays a very fetching Eloi. In fact, I’m pretty sure I had a major crush on her Weena back when I was ten or so.

BTW, she still looks great today.

Embarrassing Movies
  • The Neptune Factor
  • The Delta Factor
  • Hit Lady
  • Journey into Fear
  • Snowbeast *
  • Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell *
* - author has seen

Embarrassing Taglines

  • DEAN GOES FOR YVETTE...YVETTE GOES FOR DEAN...and the whole town goes ape over a quartet of olive-pickin' chimps!
  • Mickey Spillane. His Gut-Ripping! ... Face Splattering! ... Adventure Turns a Caribbean Paradise into a Bullet-Riddled Island of Hell!
  • The storekeeper's daughter! The midnight fight! In the path of the speeding killer-cruiser! "The Three Brutes!" (?!?!)

Embarrassing Characters

  • Weena
  • Lorinda Nibley
  • Deliverance
  • Chi Chi Desnoyer

Number of Marriages:  3

Interesting Tidbits

  • Once made a recording reading Beaudelaire’s Le Fleurs du Mal with Ali Akbar Khan’s ragas in the background
  • Is into yoga, and created her own yoga fitness video
  • Is an amateur anthropologist (?!?!)

Where can I learn more?   

Yvette and friend

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