Saturday, February 14, 2015

#87 Corinne Clery

Most of us know Corinne Clery from one of two incarnations:
  • As Moonraker’s Corinne Dufour, one of Hugo Drax’s many henchwomen. (Yes, she’s the one who makes out with Bond and then, in retribution, is chased down by Drax’s Dobermans.)
  • As the female lead (i.e., O) in The Story of O.
The latter is actually much more representative of Mlle. Clery’s oeuvre. In fact, her cinematic career is mostly soft porn. I actually had a hard time finding pictures of her with her clothes on!

Embarrassing Real Name:  Corinna Piccolo

Embarrassing Movies

  • Striptease
  • Holiday Hookers
  • Fleshy Doll
  • White Cobra Express
  • The Humanoid
  • Yor, the Hunter from the Future

Embarrassing Taglines

  • She was depraved, debauched, lying, conniving, cheating, scheming, lewd, shrewd ... Everything he ever wanted in a woman!
  • He is from a future world. Trapped in prehistoric times. Searching for his past. A hunter of incredible power and strength. In his quest for his origin, he and the woman he loves must fight hostile tribes. Battle deadly beasts. And try to survive the violent forces of a newly born Earth.
  • The Masterpiece of Bizarre Love That Stormed France. A Portrait of Love and Submission to Disorder the Senses.

Embarrassing Characters

  • Senine
  • Ponyette
  • Ka-Laa
  • O

Number of Marriages:  3

Whiffs of Scandal:
  • First marriage at age 17
  • The Story of O and all that other soft porn 

Where can I learn more?
"Bloody Peanuts"???

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