Friday, May 29, 2015

#72 Barbara Rush *

* - author has her autograph

“The epitome of poise, charm, style, and grace” (IMDb), Barbara Rush nonetheless managed to appear in some real turkeys. A decent actress, she actually got a Golden Globe for one of them, the classic It Came from Outer Space.

Barbara switched to TV about halfway through her career, notching 110 total credits before retiring less than ten years ago. TV credits feature plenty of cheese as well, including All My Children, Fantasy Island, Batman (as the villainess Nora Clavicle), and many more.

Cheesy Pageant Titles:  Star of the Future, COMPO National Audience Award

Embarrassing Movies

  • Taza, Son of Cochise
  • Moon of the Wolf *
  • Strategy of Terror
  • It Came from Outer Space
  • It Conquered the World * (and in that order)
* - author has seen

Embarrassing Taglines
  • Fantastic sights leap at you!
  • In scientifically perfected, eye-resting, full sepia Monocolor!
  • XENOMORPHS INVADE OUR WORLD! They can look like humans or change to objects of awesome terror!
And all from It Came from Outer Space!

With ex Jeffrey Hunter

Number of Marriages:  3

Unlikely Spouses & Boyfriends

  • Writer Budd Schulberg
  • Playwright Clifford Odets
  • Hotelier Conrad Hilton
  • Actor Ben Gazzara

Interesting Tidbits
  • Discovered by Billy Wilder at a local playhouse
  • Her daughter Claudia is on the air with Fox News
  • Got a mention in Shampoo when Warren Beatty said “Barbara Rush? I do her hair.”

Where can I learn more?

Big hair!

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