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#98 Marguerite Chapman

Like a number of actresses, Marguerite Chapman started out on the silver screen but then later moved almost exclusively to the smaller one. Her cinematic credits include some real winners (The Seven Year Itch, working with Edward G Robinson and Charlie Chaplin), but also some real B’s (just see below). Her TV credits include some standards (Marcus Welby  MD, Hawaii Five-O, Perry Mason), as well as several I’d never even heard of before in my life (Frontier Circus, The Whistler, Schlitz Playhouse). This beautiful brunette was also a successful model and a popular WWII pinup girl.

Embarrassing Movies

  • Bloodhounds of Broadway
  • A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob
  • Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
  • Flight to Mars
  • The Amazing Transparent Man *
* - author has seen

Cheesy Pageant Titles
  • Girl with the Most Beautiful Hands, NY Photographers Guild
  • America's Number One Brunette, Coiffure Creation Council
  • Miss Breathless of 1943
  • The Gal it Would Be Nicest to Go ‘Chuting With, 541st Parachute Infantry Regiment

Embarrassing Taglines
  • A chamber of horrors becomes a murder hideout!
  • Female against Male ... in a savage land the law forgot ... but which the Nazis remembered!

Embarrassing Characters
  • Peasant
  • Sextette Member
  • Comrade Lisa
  • Mary Boleslavski
  • Nanon de Lartigue
  • Luella Purdy

Shortest Marriage:  1 year

Unlikely Spouses & Boyfriends
  • Errol Flynn
  • Howard Hughes

Whiffs of Scandal:  Was arrested and charged with DUI after rear-ending another car and then refusing to take a sobriety test

Interesting Tidbits
  • Her childhood nickname was “Slugger”
  • Was discovered while working as a switchboard operator
  • During World War II, she entertained troops, sold war bonds and appeared in a string of war-themed movies
  • Was a decent painter
  • Was asked to audition for the “Old Rose” role in Titanic, but was too ill to do so

Where can I learn more?   

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