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#68 Double Feature: Lina Romay

It’s not what I’d call a common name, like a Betty Smith or a Sue Johnson. In fact, it’s a bit odd. How much stranger that two B movie actresses would share it …

The first Lina Romay was primarily a singer from the ‘40s. She did, though, appear in a couple  of B’s, as well as much classier fare. In fact, she may not really have enough credits to be in this blog, except for  …

… the second Lina Romay. This one was schlockmeister Jess Franco’s favorite actress (and also his wife). That means lots and lots of views of Lina dripping blood, Lina stark naked, and Lina stark naked dripping blood. Probably the most well-known flick of hers is Female Vampire, where she is pretty much completely nude for the whole film.

This second Lina was also known as Betty Carter, Jean Collins, Candice Coster, Candy Coster, Lennie Hayden, Lulu Laverne, and Jane Morgan. And, yes, she did take the name she normally went by from the first Lina Romay.

Lina I Lina II
Real Name Maria Elena Romay Rosa María Almirall Martínez
Embarrassing Movies
  • Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
  • Two Girls and a Sailor
  • The Lady Takes a Sailor
  • Joe Palooka at The Big Fight
  • Senor Droopy

  • The Perverse Countess
  • Oasis of the Zombies *
  • Lust for Frankenstein
  • The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
  • The Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
  • Hellhole Women
  • Wanda the Wicked Warden
  • Killer Barbies Vs. Dracula
* - author has seen
Embarrassing Taglines
  • Lilting Rhythms...Lovely Mermaids...Wacky Comedy!
  • Turn on the Fun! A Heat Wave of Beautiful GIRLS! GAGS! RHYTHM! and ROMANCE!

  • Prisoners in a barbaric camp of sadistic perversions ...
  • Kidnapped by cannibals! Raised to eat human flesh!
  • Girls ... CHAINED ... CONDEMNED to a Life of TORMENT at the Hands of Their Beautiful, BRUTAL Captor!
Embarrassing Characters
  • Chona Degnon
  • Raquel Riviera

  • Moira Frankenstein
  • Yuka, the Jealous Amazon
  • Mari Cookie / Tarantula
Number of Marriages 3 2
Shortest Marriage 2 years
Unlikeley Spouses & Boyfriends
  • Peter Lawford
  • Artie Shaw (musician)
  • Jay Gould III
  • Jack Dempsey
Jess Franco
Whiffs of Scandal More than her fair share of porn flicks
Interesting Tidbits
  • Was born in NYC, where her father worked for the Mexican consulate
  • Norwegian and Irish on her mother’s side
  • Was lead singer for Xavier Cugat’s band
Offstage, she was the opposite of her onstage persona – shy, retiring, and typically dressed in frumpy clothes
Screen Credits 24 123
Where can I learn more?

Can you guess who's who? 

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