Saturday, July 18, 2015

#65 Susan Hart

Want to break into B movies? Try marrying James H. Nicholson, founder of American International Pictures (AIP), a prime producer of B’s like Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow, I Was a Teenage Werewolf, It Conquered the World, and Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine. That’s what Susan Hart did. Good move, Susan!

Embarrassing Real Name:  Susan Neidhart

Embarrassing Real Birthplace:  Wenatchee, WA

Cheesy Pageant Title:
Hollywood Deb Star

Embarrassing Movies
  • War-Gods of the Deep 
  • The Slime People *
  • Planet of the Vampires
  • The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini *
  • Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine *
* - author has seen

Embarrassing Taglines
  • SURF'S UP! The swingin'est young people's picture of the year!
  • Up from the bowels of the earth ...
  • They Became Pawns in a WAR Beneath the WAVES!
  • It's kill or be killed in a cycle gang-war!
  • Super sexbots... built to kill!

Embarrassing Characters

  • Miss Tennis
  • Mona Monaghan
  • Lili Kalua
  • Outraged Woman at Dog Show

Whiffs of Scandal

  • Appeared in Playboy (non nude)
  • Correspondent in divorce proceedings
  • Lawsuits over ownership of AIP

Interesting Tidbits

  • Was discovered on a Hawaiian beach
  • Her song Is This a Disco or a Honky Tonk? made it to the Top 100
  • Took up competitive figure skating while in her forties
  • Owns the rights to I Was a Teenage Werewolf
  • Not to be confused with Susan Hart the neuroscientist, CFO, business school dean, law professor, or porn star (thanks, Google!)

Where can I learn more?

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